PlayAmo Casino Bonus Codes: Tips

Read on for how to use bonuses, how to claim them, how to use them on games and how to withdraw any winnings you might have earned for yourself!

Here’s the thing – once you know how it really works, down to the bone, down to the last zero, then it stops being a sticky business.

What is a bonus?

By definition, a bonus is that money given to you, over and above what you have bought. In the case of a casino, a bonus is an extra amount of money added to your online casino balance so that you have more funds to spin the reels or place more bets on a live casino table.

How much do I get in bonus money with PlayAmo Casino?

The amount of bonus money you receive all differ from the promotion you decide to take up and also what PlayAmo is offering at the time you are depositing.


What types of bonuses are there?

There are a few types of bonuses casinos usually offer. This is an idea of what you can expect:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • Freespins
  • Highroller Bonus

A Deposit Bonus will add a % to your casino account balance when you make a deposit.

Say you have at the tips of your fingers, a 100% Deposit Bonus of up to 100 AUD.

This means that PlayAmo Casino is doubling your deposit amount. Yes, you can actually place twice as many bets as the ones you could have made with your deposit.

Now, it is to remember that when it says ‘up to 100 AUD’, it means that the maximum bonus amount you can receive is 100 AUD.

  • Sign In (or Sign Up if you are new)
  • Click on the ‘Deposit’
  • Click on the “I’ve got a bonus code” button
  • Enter your bonus code in the appropriate field (example: DEPBONUS

=====TIPS on how to use a deposit bonus=====

If you are eligible for a 100% bonus of up to 100 AUD.

  • You will maximise the advantages of the bonus by doing the following:

Deposit 100 AUD to get an extra amount of 100 AUD credited into your account

You use up 100% no more. No less.

  • If your budget is less than the maximum offered, then when you make a deposit it will reflect 100% up to that amount.


Deposit 25 AUD to get an extra amount of 25 AUD credited into your account

Deposit 80 AUD to get an extra amount of 80 AUD credited into your account

Still, it’s 100%!

  • If your budget is more than the maximum bonus, then you will be credited the amount you deposit PLUS the 100% up to 100 AUD.


Deposit 175 AUD – you get a balance of 175 AUD + 100 AUD in bonus

Deposit 500 AUD – you get a balance of 500 AUD + 100 AUD in bonus

Wow – that’s a lot of spinning, rolling, betting and winning potential there! If you like to play big, look up the info on HighRoller Bonuses below.

A Reload Bonus is the same as a deposit bonus but usually refers to transactions that are not your first deposit in the casino.

Reload bonuses usually have a % up to a maximum like deposit bonuses, but usually are less than 100%.

An example of a reload bonus could be a 50% bonus up to 250 AUD plus 50 free spins.

Yes, you could get a money bonus added to your account AND free spins to roll around some slots for free.

  • Sign In
  • Click on the ‘Deposit’
  • Click on the “I’ve got a bonus code” button
  • Enter your bonus code in the appropriate field (example: RELOADME

Freespins are by definition spins that you can use on any slot for free!

Example: You get 50 Freespins activated on your account on the exciting Gold Canyon slot whenever you deposit on Mondays.

  • Sign In
  • Follow the requirements to have the free spins activated specifically to that promotion
  • Enter into the game, Gold Canyon in our example, and spin away for free!

Highroller Bonuses are promotions exclusive tailormade for those high-end players!

Where usual bonuses go up to a maximum of 100 AUD or say, 250AUD, you could expect a high roller bonus to be up to 1000 AUD.

  • Sign In
  • Follow the instructions necessary to activate your specific HighRoller Bonus
  • Enter your bonus code in the appropriate field (example: IPLAYBIG

Can I withdraw my bonus money?

Yes, you can withdraw after receiving a bonus, however, you need to make sure you have met the wagering requirements needed to free up this bonus money and any winnings made during your playtime.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are the times you need to play through your bonus money to make it available for withdrawal.

If the wagering requirement for your bonus is x10 and you received 100 AUD, then that means that you need to make bets for the value of 1000 AUD or more.

How does the maximum bet for wagering work?

If the terms of your promo state there is a maximum bet, then this means that you can only play through the bonus money with bets up to that amount. Anything over that will not count towards the wagering requirements.

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